Swope Middle School Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Swope Middle School Addition and Renovation Project will include demo of the existing gymnasium building and construction of a new +/- 39,200 square foot 2-story Classroom Building. Work within the existing school includes abatement/demo and construction of a renovated administration area, newly expanded multipurpose room, updated CLS classroom, teacher work room, and miscellaneous improvements throughout the existing classrooms beginning in the Summer 2021 through Summer 2022.
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United Construction appreciates your interest in this project. The following trades were required to prequalify in order to bid this public works project: Selective Demolition, Building Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, Casework, Membrane Roofing, Glazing, Flooring, Painting, Fire Protection Systems, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Earthwork and Utilities, Landscaping and Irrigation. If your company did not prequalify with United Construction for the above trades, then your bid cannot be considered. All other trades are invited to provide a bid for the Swope Middle School Addition and Renovation Project - Phase 3. Subcontractors are required to have a current Nevada Contractor's License for scopes of work requiring installation.
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D - Anticipated Employee Roster 107.8 KB
E - Project Workforce Checklist - Contractor 1.0 MB
F - Project Workforce Checklist - Sub-Tier Contractor 1.0 MB
G - Comprehensive Sub-List - Contractor 458.2 KB
H - Comprehensive Sub-List - Sub-Tier Contractor 460.2 KB
I - Exhibit D UCC Insurance Requirements 142.6 KB
J - Master Sub Agreement revised 10-27-20 348.5 KB
J.1 - Project Agreement revised 10-27-20 339.1 KB
K - WCSD Balanced_Calendar_20-21_1111020 56.6 KB
K.1 - WCSD Balanced_Calendar_21-22_121219 54.5 KB
L - Swope GMP 3 - Lead Certification List 147.0 KB
M - Swope GMP 3 - Asbestos Certification List 152.0 KB
N - Asbestos and Lead Procedure Form 226.2 KB
O - Attachment and Penetration Procedure Verification Checklist 126.0 KB
P - WCSD Environmental Safety Regulations 192.7 KB
S - WCSD Background Check Application 751.7 KB
Swope MS Geotechnical Addendum No.1_3-9-20 2.5 MB
Swope MS Geotechnical Investigation_12-2-19 3.5 MB
U - LCP Tracker 443.6 KB
Volume 1 - Swope Phase 3 Project Specifications Manual 11.5 MB
Volume 2 - Swope Phase 3 Project Specifications Manual 21.7 MB
WCSD_Balanced_Calendar_20-21_1111020 56.6 KB
WCSD_Balanced_Calendar_21-22_121219 54.5 KB